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New High Efficiency Home Furnace Installation

Carter HVAC recommends Ruud heating and air conditioning equipment, known for high efficiency, reliability, and serviceability. However, if you prefer another brand, such as American Standard, Carrier, Lennox, Amana, Goodman, or Rheem, we can provide, service, install and maintain any make or model. Call us about any furnace brand or if you would like a RUUD Furnace in Northeastern Ohio.

Furnace and Heating Options in Ohio

Carter Heating & Cooling , Warren, Ohio, install new high-efficiency furnaces in Northeastern Ohio. As a RUUD Pro Partner Contractor, we offer the full line of gas furnaces and oil furnaces. This includes some of Ruud's top home heating models like the Econet Ultra Series, Achiever, and Achiever Plus Series. Find more detailed information in our HVAC equipment section.

If it’s time to replace your aging furnace or HVAC unit, the professionals at Carter Heating and Cooling can steer you in the right direction towards affordable, quality climate control. A high-efficiency heating system in Ohio can provide plenty of heat for your home and help you save money on your electric or gas bill each month. Carter's technicians can recommend the best energy-efficient electric or gas HVAC system for the size of your home or office. Call us today and start seeing your energy bills go down.

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What to consider when upgrading your furnace

The best home furnaces are highly efficient. In the last decade, there have been many advancements to the central heating systems available for your home.  They keep a home warm and comfortable. New installed Home furnaces provide steady, dependable performance year after year. You want your furnace, installed by Carter HVAC in Warren, Ohio, to be quiet, long-lasting, and low in service frequency and cost.

What makes a home furnace energy efficient?

Prevention of heat loss from the furnace cabinet and the venting system will improve the efficiency and lower your utility bills When a furnace is idle it can send a steady, wasteful flow of warm household air traveling up the venting system and out the roof. An induced-draft blower that works in conjunction with a hot surface ignition system stops the blower when the burner cycles off. 

Pilot lights on older furnaces can also be wasteful. Electric ignition eliminates the need to constantly be burning fuel. This feature alone gives up to 6% higher efficiency. Combined with an induced-draft blower the furnace's efficiency can be improved by over 20%.

A high-efficiency furnace generally has a higher price tag, but it can make up the difference by reducing operating costs over the long run. Speak with the experts at Carter HVAC for more information on the best furnace choice for your budget and home.

Read the furnace's limited warranty

Furnace manufacture should stand behind their product. Consider the parts that are covered and the length of the coverage. Some manufactures offer a Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty for both the primary and secondary heat exchangers. Carter Heating & Cooling can review the terms and protections of each furnace model.

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